Amazing, Simple, and Light Cozy Cooker - Save Fuel and Time





Introduction: Amazing, Simple, and Light Cozy Cooker - Save Fuel and Time

All you need is some reflectix (or a car sun shade from Walmart) , a sewing machine and some velcro.  You can save time and fuel with this cozy cooker for re-hydrating or cooking meals.  Add boiling water to a quart sized freezer bag with a dehydrated meal like mountain house or a home made meal -put the bag in the cozy and let it cook on its own while keeping it piping hot. Instead of simmering for a long time and wasting fuel, use this cozy while you set up camp or whittle sticks for fun.


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The whole idea of a cozy is that it keeps the contents hot for longer than it would be without it. The contents are put in hot to start with, no further heating required. As the contents cool more slowly less energy is wasted keeping it hot.


One other thing I would suggest is that you use two layers of reflective material. It will keep hot stuff hot a lot longer. With two layers, boiling hot on the inside is barely warm on the outside.

Dude I'm late to the party to comment on this, but this is FANTASTIC! Great share thanks!

I'm glad you liked it! If you ever make one let me know how it works!

Have you actually used this? It seems to me that it would reflect the suns rays and not heat up very well compared to if the outside was painted black to absorb the heat. Not saying it won't work, I just think its not quite what it could be. The whole purpose for a sun shade for a car is to reflect light/heat and I don't see anything you've done to change this.

Yes I've used it many times.The real benefit comes when you would need to simmer something on a stove for a long time. Instead of wasting fuel you can bring water to a boil and add it to your meal (in a freezer bag) inside the cozy and let it sit for the time needed. It will still be piping hot after 20 minutes. Works great with rice and pasta and freeze dried meals.

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