Amazing Cheep Ball Baring Steel Penetrating Catapult/sling Shot Ammo!!! :2)




Introduction: Amazing Cheep Ball Baring Steel Penetrating Catapult/sling Shot Ammo!!! :2)


So you have a good median powered sling shot and you want to find some good cheap steel ammo for it and you need something that will be heavy, penetrating and most importantly accurate and polished. This is the instructible for you.

What you will need;

-A catapult/sling shot,
-a box of magnex

Step 1: Amo!!!

-step 1

Now that you have all of that then you are ready to get started!!!
Open your old set of magnex and remove the steel balls that will either be located at the bottom of the set or stuck to all of the stick things. there are also other sets of stuff that you can use. I think that there is a set a bit like Macano that you can use the small balls out of and there is small holes in them you can either fill them up with glue or put loads of sharp spikes in them!!!
Well back to the main topic. The steel balls will be the ammo and if fired are very power full and can brake rocks and stuff but do tend to bounce back of hard walls and so be sensible.

Step 2: Get a Target!!!

-step 2

Now that you have your ammo you need a target. You could use a glass bottle but that would make a mess or you could use the triangle things at the top of the set and build them up into a big target and knock out each one individually. it is probably a good idea to put a big duvet behind the target so you don't loose all of your could also hunt with them cos if one of them hit an animal in the head then it would be dead or dying
Still i enjoy braking glass bottles!!!

Step 3: Alternative Ammo!!!

UPDATE >>>> For alternative ammo you could just use Marbles as they give a satisfying explosion on impact with solid objects!!!
(PS make sure to pick up all of the glass after and use it to make arrow heads!!!)

Step 4: Done!!!

Now you are done!!!

Just keep on firing and stay safe.
Please rate or comment on your result!!!


Step 5: Update 16/3/11. Links to My Other Ibles!!!



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    The best ammo ever!!!

    Wow this is the best catapult ammo ever!!!
    I don't wan't to be hit by one though!!!

    Well i think if you got hit it would hurt quite a bit. It would probably snap a bone!!!

    lets just have a guess here, you don't bother to pick up the broken glass do you?

    People or animals can stand on it and get badly cut. Take my point?

    But i do bother to pick up broken glass and that is why i don't use glass marbles.
    I also like to use the glass to make arrow heads :2)

    Forgiven :-) I apologise.

    You can buy steel balls cheap... One example $2.95 for 30 5/16" balls...

    Know a couple of other places, different sizes and prices, this was just the first one that came to mind.

    I always preferred glass marbles, very cheap and easy to find, and they explode when the hit something solid just right.

    Cool thanx for the idea, This instructible was just for the people that had an old set lying around.