Amazingly Easy Screen Printing T-Shirts at Home With StencilPro





Introduction: Amazingly Easy Screen Printing T-Shirts at Home With StencilPro

Learn how to screen print at home like a pro with our amazingly easy to use StencilPro silk screen product at a fraction of the cost of the professional system! This screen printing solution is not only budget friendly, it is small space friendly. Furthermore, it is the only screen printing system that is completely non-toxic! This video covers all the basics, including artwork preparation, how to make a StencilPro silk screen stencil, all the way to screen printing your very first run of t-shirts!



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I've been a user of this site for almost a decade, and I can't believe I've never noticed that businesses could use Instructables to promote themselves in the way that stencilpro has. Did they have to pay for this advertisement?

Regardless, seeing stencilpro's profile has inspired me to make a new profile for my business. Maybe I'll start by making an Instructable on how to build a vacuum table for printing posters.

The public might be surprised how many professional screen printers build some of their own equipment. Over the 15 years I've been printing shirts I've built various presses and exposure units for my workshop. A great maker once said "a penny saved is a penny earned".

One time I even used a giant sheet of glass laid across a couple of sawhorses as part of my screen making setup. I'm kind of surprised I didn't lose a limb or bleed to death walking over to burn a screen.

Speaking of sketchy and dangerous, I'm in the process of building a conveyor dryer from stuff I bought from second-hand shops and hardware stores. $1500 saved is $1500 earned.

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