This is the way I make my hot chocolate when the days start to get cold. (Yes, i am aware it is only the middle of October but seriously guys. I live in Canada! It gets cold here, fast.) So back to hot chocolate, also known as hot cocoa, cocoa or chocolate milk as Wikipedia says. Apparently in Italy, they have this hot chocolate called Cioccolata Densa. They say it's as thick as pudding.......stay tuned for another Instructable on that!

Step 1: Ingredients

Cream or Milk, which ever you prefer, i prefer whipping cream
Hot Chocolate Mix

Other Things:
Something to boil your water
Fork or other stirring utensil
I'm going to have to try this. I tried making hot chocolate with heated up milk (I was hoping it would be like at a coffee shop), but it just got really gross and got a film on the top. I like how creamy the milk makes the hot cocoa. Nice idea. Also, I think the heating up water thingy, might be a hot pot, but I could never tell for sure if those things had a formal name.
I think it's actually a electric kettle but I really dont care that much. It gets the job done with a press of a button. :)
I think you're right. I thiink hot pot is a place to eat now that you mention it. Either way, yes, it gets the water hot.
Sounds delicious!
Thanks :D

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