Introduction: Amazingly Easy to Make PVC Nunchucks for Under $10

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I created a great pair of nun-chucks out of some common PVC pipe, chain, and a little time. I found most of the materials around my Dad's shop and the rest I bought for very cheap at my local hardware store. These are great for karate practice, pretending you're a Ninja, or a good movie/theater prop.

Step 1: The Materials.

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1--10 foot length of 3/4 inch PVC pipe. COST: $3.
1--12 inch piece of chain, any type will do. COST: 75 cents.
2--small screw eyes, you should be able to fit the tip of your pinkie through the hole. COST: 50 cents.
4--3/4 inch PVC end caps. COST: $2.
1--roll of black electrical tape. COST: $1.

1--can of PVC cement. COST: $4.
can(s) of spray paint. COST: ???

TOTAL (without optional)


Step 2: Tools.

Here is a list of some tools you might want.

Power drill.
A drill bit as big as the shaft of your screw eye but smaller than the threads.
Needle nose pliers.
A vice is a good thing to have but its okay if you don't have one.

Step 3: Construction!

Picture of Construction!

Cut your pipe to the desired length and add the end caps. If you have PVC cement, now is the time to use it, follow the instructions on the can. Drill holes in the top end caps and screw in your screw eyes until they are snug. Now use your needle nose pliers and a little elbow grease to bend open a link on the chain, once open you may put it on the screw eye and close it around it with the pliers. Repeat to the other side. Now wrap your electrical tape around the pipe as much as you like, you may add more layers for a cushier feel and better hold. WARNING: DO NOT add weight to the inside of these!! Well, I suppose you could, but I wouldn't recommend it. If those things hit you in the leg and they're weighted, you'll go down like a dead horse. The bellow is a picture of the HOLLOW interior of my chucks.

Step 4: PLAY WITH THEM!!!!

Picture of PLAY WITH THEM!!!!

Now you are finished, if you used PVC cement, allow it to dry before testing. If you expect to be using these at rapid speeds, I would suggest you move away from any breakable objects and stand on a flat, soft surface. Backyards work great, please don't take these on an airliner, the security guards WILL tackle you and yell, "Security, freeze!" into your face. And yes I know, they look awesome. Have fun and stay safe!


Pumpkin$ (author)2010-01-28

Or, you could substitute a chain with a group of interlacing washers.. Like the 4 chain bo-staffs ect..

macmccune (author)2010-01-25

weak eye hooks wont hold up in a choke hold...

guydie5 (author)2009-08-21

i would not say copy. this is about the most simple and the most easily thought of to make nunchucks. so you should keep thougts like that to yourself

Cruncher123 (author)2009-07-06

i think the chain should be a little shorter, but otherwise it is very good. Shame nunchucks are illegal where I live.

KarateLover21 (author)2009-06-13

pretty cool. I have made a slightly less dangerous pair out of whittled and polished sticks and rope.

funky monk (author)2009-03-09

Fill the tubes with dirt or clay, that will make them way more awsome. If you are into beating stuff up then you can put some high grit sand paper on the outside, it rps the bark off trees ets.

sandpaper, eh? Wouldn't that rip up your hands also?

It does to start with but then you get nice calluses on your hands which dry out and you get some serious grip on them. Caulluses are usefull for things like this, for example if you smack youself in the hand it hurts a lot less. If you want to wimp out you can always wear biking gloves. (Where I said high grit I meant to say low grit)

rough calluses on your hands, I bet the ladies really like that!!

You bet! I actually don't have calluses on anything other than the finger tips of my left hand (guitar), I haven't had enough time with these to build them up all over my whole hand. I have friends who have though and all they can say is that it hurts like a mofo for the first few weeks and then after that there is no pain at all. I swear if you tried you couldn't put a pin through the skin it's so thick on their hands, it would just bend. With all the stuff above I'm just quoting them on it

ArchDuke (author)2008-11-02

The length of the chuck should be same distance as the length of your forearm (from wrist joint to the inside of the elbow joint). The length of the chain should be 1/2 the diameter of your wrist.

lolerskater (author)2008-09-19

This is so funny cuz i had the exact same idea!!! I shoul post a pic!!!..................naw, too lazy, ill do it later.

bowmaster (author)2008-09-06

Your chain is too long.

Like I said, I like my chain a little longer than normal, just a personal preference.

Bisquick the ninja (author)2008-08-12

NICE PJ's!!!!!! And nice work! I'm going to make some of these! Where do you live that you cant have nunchuka? Where I live you can own pretty much anything!!!

It's Nunchaku, and in case you're reffering to it with it's non-original name, it's Nunchukka, with double k's

In some states (like Georgia) you can't own certain awesome weapons like balisong or nunchucks because of city laws, but in back roads country areas like Oregon *WOOT!!!!* you can shoot skeets out of your back yard with a Barret .50 and the neoghbors dont care! In fact, our neighbors usually come over and bring their guns to shoot with us!!!! I LOVE OREGON!!!!!

Interlink (author)2008-07-23

Dude, totally ok, but the chain is ways to long for you. and 'bout the airliner... i wouldn't even recomend you to take them out of your property since any chain nunchuk is rated as a weapon. Besides that: Great, Keep it up

stasys (author)Interlink2008-08-07

My chain is exactly 20 cm, plus the hooks which makes 22 cm

As a side note: you can very easily shorten the chain with a pair of diagonal wire cutters. lengthening it is a little harder, but it is possible. Me, I like my chain a little longer than normal.

'aight, suit yerself ;) My fisrt pair was wooden ones, but i made the chain aboute 5 cm too long so i had a heck of a time learning the wrist rolls, but wasn't hard to fix. also, you should try extra long chained nunchuks (like 20 cm more than on standard,) but they are more for weaponery than show off. Now i'm looking for a challange so i'm gonna figure out how to make my own extendable ones catch ya later, mate!

Camisado (author)2008-08-06

Wow! Totally Awsome! although you can put better pics, 4.5 stars! nice job!

I am Evil Homer! (author)2008-08-05

Cool! I made one just like this. Would you like a pic?

sure, I love to see how other people make their own variations on my ideas. please post your picture.

Okay.... I'll do it after school, because my daddy brought my camera to work today.

Camisado (author)2008-07-23

Wow! Totally Awsome! although you can put better pics, 4.5 stars! nice job!

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