I bought a Amazon Echo off of Craigslist, which turned out to be 'bricked' (unregisterable) And Amazon did not want it back, So for fun I decided to 'hack' it and see what I can do with it.

THIS IS NOT AN INSTRUCTABLE, I Did not photograph the step by step progression as I was really free forming the idea.. Please do not bitch and moan to me about the lack of details.

I am JUST showing off what I made.

Step 1: The Idea ... . .

I have a hot tub, and have done several instructables about modifying a ipad for hot tub use, and other things.

I wanted a voice control system, but noise, and water always seemed to be a problem, The Amazon Echo while not water resistant does not need to be THAT close to the water where it will be splashed, yet still can hear commands and execute them.

<p>Nice hack. Thanks for watching.</p>

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