Step 4: Mock Up

Picture of Mock Up
2011-05-02 18.15.05.jpg
Once the patterns are completed, I cut out HALF of the garment using muslin/scrap fabric. I sew it into a quick mock up to check proportions.  I make sure the seams all matched correctly and nothing was funky. :)

If you chose a stretch fabric as I did, make sure to fit the mock up to the dress form or yourself skin tight. Pin away extra fabric. After fitting the mock up on the dress form or yourself (with the help of a friend), you may need to adjust your paper pattern pieces accordingly.

Mine was too long in the back, and the shoulder was too funky (see pictures above). I pinned away the extras fabric on the mock up. And then I took off the mock up, lined it up to the paper pattern and trimmed away the portion that was pinned off.