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Made from over 30 board feet of ambrosia maple.


Trent The Thief (author)2006-04-07

Nice chest. How are you going to finish it?

salz (author)Trent The Thief2011-06-09

Here is the finished blanket chest - 5 years later.
I started it, then set it to the side for all those years.
I finally decided to complete it by gluing up boards for the top and deciding what type of cutout I wanted to make for the bottom.
I went with something simple.
As for the finish, I used three coats of Bush's Oil for the first time and I absolutely love it.
Make sure you use it in a well-ventilated area, preferrably outside.
The wood shimmers like a hologram.
Definitely my best project to date.
Thanks for looking.

curdy (author)2007-03-27

Very nice! I just started milling my own wood from my yard and found I have a bunch of Ambrosia Maple. I'm not into turning and was wondering what to build with it...I think I just decided!!!

Primitive Archer (author)2006-10-01

MAPLE! You used presious maple to make furniture?! You could have made a bow!

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