American Flag Blanket


Introduction: American Flag Blanket

I knit this beautiful American Flag blanket for my friends' son, my "nephew", Jack for his 6th birthday. Though the pattern only called for 32 stars, I made 50 and repositioned them so that they fit on the field. Due to space constrictions, they are not laid out in the traditional way, but as expected, the first thing Jack did was count the stars! Glad there were 50!

He loves it even more than I could have hoped for, making the time and effort all worth it. Since he has it now, I can only show the pictures I took before it was wrapped up and taken off to Michigan. Enjoy!

Pattern: Americana Afghan by Lion Brand Yarn Craft
Needle: US 10½ / 6.5 mm
Lion Brand Homespun
> 4 skeins = 740.0 yards (676.7m) of colorway Antique
> 3 skeins = 555.0 yards (507.5m) of colorway Deco
> 4 skeins = 740.0 yards (676.7m) of colorway Colonial
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Solid
> 1 skein = 197.0 yards (180.1m) of colorway Fisherman



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    Help! I feel like I'm going around in circles! How do I get the pattern and instructions for the American Flag blanket? I'd really like to make it!

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    Hi, it's free on the Lion Brand site. You can download the pattern.

    I am about to make this blanket. Is the wool-ease fisherman used for the stars? I did not see the fisherman mentioned in the pattern!!

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    Excellent! I don't consider myself much of a flag-waver, but I'm an absolute sucker for crocheted or knitted patriotic designs, for some reason. Maybe because the colour scheme looks so much fun to work with! :D

    It's a blanket not a flag; you're not disrespecting anything. :) Beautiful job and congrats on getting all 50 stars on there! How long did it take you?

    This is great! I am glad that your friend's son Jack loves it, I would love it too!