Introduction: American Flag Pin

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Step 1: Supplies

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14-medium sized safety pins
1-large safety pin
50-small red beads
50-small white beads
50-small blue beads
Maybe some tweezers

Step 2: The First Few Pins

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Put them on EXACTLY like this on a medium pin ,same order and all. Make 5 more, in total you should have 6

Step 3:

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Step 4: The Remainder of the Pins

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Do this EXACT pattern to the rest of the pins start with red on top and red on bottom. This is very important

Step 5:

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Step 6: Open the Larger Pin

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Step 7: Put Them On

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Put them on in this order. Follow the picture

Step 8:

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Step 9:

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Step 10:

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Step 11:

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Step 12:

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Step 13:

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Step 14:

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Step 15:

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Step 16:

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Step 17:

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Step 18:

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Step 19: Enjoy

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Show off to all of your friends and make them jealous. Please vote for jewelry contest


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-04-02

I used to make these all the time!

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