With Forth of July coming up, I wanted to make a pair of American flag shorts! These shorts took me around an hour and a half to make and it looks awesome :)


-One pair of shorts

- Sponge makeup wedges ( I found that these work better than foam brushes because it allows you to blend the paint better)

- Fabric paint ( I used crimson red, marine blue, blue, and white from Tulip soft paint, pink rose from Tulip puffy paint, and crystal very berry red from Scribbles 3D paint)

- Painters tape

- Martha Stewart's white and gray glitter (optional)

- Sliver two-prong studs (optional)

- Cutting mat

- X-acto blade

- Printed star stencil

- sand paper or nail file

Step 1: Cutting and Taping

I Started by cutting an old pair of jeans into shorts. I did this by laying a pair of shorts that were the length I wanted on top of the jeans. Then I put painters tape around the area that I was going to paint.

Step 2: Base Coat

I stated by painting a thin layer of white paint onto the shorts. When doing this, I made sure to not have a lot of paint on the sponge. This way, I could create a distressed look. I ended up doing two coats of the white paint.

Step 3: Creating the Stripes

Using the painters tape, I cut out 1inch strips. I then layer them on the shorts making sure they were evenly spaced.

Step 4: Painting the Stripes

For the first layer of paint, I mixed together pink rose and crystal very berry red. I did this so I could have a pink under tone to the stripes and because the crystal very berry red has sparkles in it. After that dried, I sponged on crimson red and removed the tape.

Step 5: Painting the Blue

I taped around the area I was going to paint blue. While I was painting, I blended together the blue and marine blue paint.

Step 6: Creating the Star Stencil

I then found a star pattern on google images. I transferred it onto google drive and made the stars 1inch by 1inch. After I printed the stars, I cut the out using an x-acto blade and a cutting mat.

Step 7: Painting the Stars

Before I started painting, I mixed white and gray glitter into the paint. I then started to paint the stars using the star stencil. I recommend creating a stencil with two rows of stars, This way, you can use the second row to line up the stars to make them equally spaced.

Step 8: Studs (optional)

After I let the paint dry, I decided to add studs around the pockets. I used the two prong studs and used an x-acto blade to make slits for the prongs to go into.

Step 9: Distressing

When I finished adding the studs, I used a nail file to distress the bottom of the shorts, If you have sand paper, I recommend using that.

<p>They look so friggin awesome. </p>
I'm sure you didn't mean this project to be un-patriotic, but this is a very disrespectful depiction of our Stars And Stripes. <br>Please read up on the proper use of the American Flag and you may see what millions of Americans stand for and have fought and died for.
<p>I'm sorry. I never meant for this to be un-patriotic. I have seen many American Flag shorts online and I just wanted to teach people how to make their own. Please accept my apology.</p>
No apology needed. You have a clever idea. Don't let this stifle your imagination. <br>Cheers
No apology needed. Just a heads up for you. And I'm not the flag police, either. <br>BTW: They are pretty cool and a very good idea. Just a different pattern, maybe. <br>Cheers.
Looks great!<br>Not sure how well they would hold up in a washing machine, but pretty cool.

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