Picture of American Flag Upcycled Pallet
Upcycle old Pallets into fabulous patriotic outdoor home decor!
We live in a military town and keep this up year round!  I love it!  And it makes it easy to find my house!
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Step 1: Assemble the structure

Picture of Assemble the structure
outdoor pallet decor flag.jpg
You'll need a few old pallets.  They are pretty easy to find free!  You can even ask at Lowe's or Home Depot and they will usually give you some--or check craigslist--or the neighbors trash!  :)

There are lots of pallet projects that I have seen...but they require so much work and sanding in order to make the wood worth using indoors.  (I'd rather just go buy better wood...sorry!)

But this outdoor flag is perfect!  It's rough, and basically pallet shape!

You'll need to disassemble your pallets.

You'll need 13 strips for the front and 4 for the bracers on the back. (as pictured)

You can use nails to secure them or staples!  No sanding required!

Step 2: Paint the Flag!

Picture of Paint the Flag!
Paint blue on the upper left side, using only 6 stripes.
I went with a non-traditional flag blue.  I am infatuated with teals and aquas.  You could use navy blue and it would look amazing too!

Start with Red on the top...alternate red and white stripes...
yes, my 8 year old can do it!  :)

We were impatient and she painted all the red stripes and I did the white stripes...it would have been better for us to wait for the red to dry before continuing with the white...just sayin.  Live and learn.

Presto!  A bright and freshly painted American Flag!

(you could add stars if you want...we did not)

Step 3: Stain the painted wood!

Picture of Stain the painted wood!
american flag finished.jpg
I liked it...but it still looked so painted and new!

I guess I was going for a bit more rustic and distressed...so I grabbed the STAIN!
Dark Walnut.  And just rubbed a soaked rag all over the front and edges of the flag!

Much better!  I think it helps weather proof it too!
I love it!

It's been proudly displayed in the front yard ever since!  
HowToBen10 months ago


Billrose1 year ago

I like this very much. 1 re-cycle a pallet. 2 artistic. 3 Original and unique. Well Done

doodlecraft (author)  Billrose1 year ago
Thank you! I love the bold American statement too! :) Of course I have been tempted to do a union jack one as well! :)
Darthorso1 year ago

upcycled freeeedom! :DD

tjones741 year ago

great idea I love it :)

Painting, and then using a stain - what a good idea!
sunshiine2 years ago
This is so cute! Thanks for sharing!