Introduction: American Girl Doll Braclet

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Step 1: What You'll Need

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U will need a small loom
Rainbow loom bands
S/c clip

Step 2: Add Bands

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The first band will be twisted
Then add bands till there is 3 bands on the loom
Then bring over the bottem band
Then add a band then pullover the bottem band then just repeat!!

Step 3: Final Steps

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Once u have the length u want it u will end up with 2 bands on it then u bring over the bottom band then put the clip on then connect the 2 side then your done

Step 4: Finishing Product

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Your done!!!
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craft-and-crochet (author)2017-06-29

Looks great! I used to make these (not fishtail though) and sell them at markets. I now have a monster tail loom, and I have made up tons of designs.

:O I just realized that on my first month on instructables, I looked at your How To Dress Your Doll!! Thanks for posting that!

caroline1214 (author)2015-01-21


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2015-01-17

Daww it's so cute, and I love your color choices. The bracelet really compliments her outfit beautifully!

I agree it looks awesome

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Bio: Hi I make doll diy please follow thanks?
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