Picture of American Girl knit tan outfit
Tan skirt, ivory top, boots - American Girl 002.JPG
Tan skirt, ivory top, boots - American Girl 001.JPG
Tan skirt, ivory top, boots - American Girl 003.JPG
Our granddaughter Brooke has an American Girl doll named Allison. Allison needed clothes so with some Lion Brand "Vanna's Choice" yarn and #8 knitting needles I put together a set that includes a tan skirt, and ivory shell, boots and a cardigan sweater. The skirt and shell were modified from an old Barbie doll pattern, while the cardigan sweater pattern came from Bernat pattern book #530112. The combination seems to work well, and I wouldn't change anything.
Sunny1246137 years ago
It would be great to have one of those. I am just wondering, could you do a different pattern but still have the same shape and idea I agree with canida and micaela your granddaughter is VERY VERY lucky
canida7 years ago
That's so cute!
Handmade doll clothes are so much more interesting than the commercial ones. I agree with micaela- your granddaughter is extremely lucky!
micaela7 years ago
Very nice outfit. My mom knitted me an outfit for my Barbie doll. This brought back a great memory for me. Your grandaughter is very lucky.