Picture of American Pie
Here's a red, white and blue pie with Stars and Stripes to help you celebrate the Fourth of July.  It's made with fresh strawberries and blueberries -- a real summer treat!
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Step 1: Prepare the filling

Picture of Prepare the filling
Start with about two cups each of fresh strawberries and blueberries.  Wash and slice the strawberries.  Wash the blueberries and pick off any stems you find. To each bowl of fruit add one half to three quarters of a cup of sugar.  This is a matter of taste, but it  also depends on how ripe (sweet) the fruit is.  Add the smaller amount, wait a few minutes for the sugar to start drawing the juice out of the fruit and then taste it to see if it needs more. Next add to each bowl a tablespoon of corn starch, the juice of a quarter of a lemon, and a tablespoon of melted butter.  (The butter will interact with the cornstarch to thicken the berry juice during baking-- just like flour thickens a roux.)
doodlecraft8 months ago

Turned out stunning! Great work! :)

This is beautiful!
cookery2 years ago
Looks great! Beautiful idea...
wold6302 years ago
I love the woven star! Nice!
It looks very good.
That is an absolutely gorgeous pie! And it sounds dead simple. :)