Amigurumi Arms and Legs Demo


Introduction: Amigurumi Arms and Legs Demo

How to crochet simple arms and legs for your amigurumi.



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    Cool!!!  What an awsome project!  Do you by any chance know how to make a sock monkey?  (I rated 5 stars!!!)  Keep it going!!!

    2 replies

    Thanks for the kind words! 

    No I don't, but I know of a couple of a crochet pattern online for a sock-monkey style monkey.

    Thank you so much!!!  :)      Working on anything new?

    SO helpful. Like a dummy I got impatient and placed a comment on your Tutorial #2 about sewing on pieces....this tutorial answers it beautifully. Now I can get started. You are wonderful!!!

    i love this. :] it was very helpful and straight-forward. But i was wondering, the bunny's leg doesn't seem like its sewn on, so i believe it was crocheted that way. will you be showing us, the viewers how you did that. i would greatly appreciate it. :]

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    Thanks for commenting! Yeah, the legs are part of the body in that design. I will make that the subject of my next video. :)

    yeah! thanks :] im looking forward to it. && i saw your gallery the other day && all those little amigurumi. they are all so cute. i hope to be able to more && thanks for making it possible. :]