video Amigurumi Arms and Legs Demo
How to crochet simple arms and legs for your amigurumi.
monnster5 years ago
Cool!!!  What an awsome project!  Do you by any chance know how to make a sock monkey?  (I rated 5 stars!!!)  Keep it going!!!
WireMySoul (author)  monnster5 years ago
Thanks for the kind words! 

No I don't, but I know of a couple of a crochet pattern online for a sock-monkey style monkey.

Thank you so much!!!  :)      Working on anything new?
Just Dandy6 years ago
SO helpful. Like a dummy I got impatient and placed a comment on your Tutorial #2 about sewing on pieces....this tutorial answers it beautifully. Now I can get started. You are wonderful!!!
bonzers6 years ago
i love this. :] it was very helpful and straight-forward. But i was wondering, the bunny's leg doesn't seem like its sewn on, so i believe it was crocheted that way. will you be showing us, the viewers how you did that. i would greatly appreciate it. :]
WireMySoul (author)  bonzers6 years ago
Thanks for commenting! Yeah, the legs are part of the body in that design. I will make that the subject of my next video. :)
yeah! thanks :] im looking forward to it. && i saw your gallery the other day && all those little amigurumi. they are all so cute. i hope to be able to more && thanks for making it possible. :]