Step 8: Step 8 - Assembly

1.  Sew the Do-Dads to each side of the head as shown in the picture.  Make sure they are even, and that the tail (end)  from the head is to the back.

2.  Using black yarn, embroider two black lines around each arm as pictured.  (Embroider a zig zag around the arm in grey yarn for the Love Bot)

3.  Sew a nut to the buttom of each leg using the gold/ yellow yarn (pink for the Love Bot).  Make sure the nuts are facing the right direction (ie.  hole to the front).

4.  Stuff the legs and sew them to the bottom.  I sewed one on each side of the first round, ensuring that the tail (end) of the bottom was facing the back.
I love it!!!!!   I would make one, but I'm not that experinenced.  =)
<p>This is really awesome, I&nbsp;hope it gets featured soon. Nice jobbb!</p>
Thank you so much!&nbsp; You made my day!

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