Step 5: Wings and Tail

wings (white):

R1: CH 10
R2: 2-SC INC around until 13 (13 SC)
R3: CH 8
R4: 2-SC INC around until 12 (12 SC)
R5: CH 6
R6: 2-SC INC around until 6 (6 SC)

Fasten off. Leave a 6 inch tail for attaching. Set aside.

 Tail (yellowish orange):

 CH 35

 Tail pompom (white):

Cut 2 penny sized circles and use a hole puncher to make the center hole. Place both pieces of cardboard together and wrap the thread around it. Repeat until the cardboard is completely covered.

Cut the yarn around the edge putting the scissors between the two pieces of card board. Move a piece of tread between the 2 pieces of cardboard and tie it tight twice. Attach pompom to the end of the tail.

This is cute but I like the black one better! Thanks for sharing.<br>sunshiine
Intricate, amazing AND cute!
So cute!
thanks :)
That is so adorable! I'm glad you put it in your and for reference. It makes it even more adorable! I have not watched that show in a long, long time.
Thank You :)
Very cute! Love the tail.
Thank You :)

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