Step 6: Attaching the Arms

Attach the arms. Push safety eye pins (the ones previously inserted into the arms) through the torso sides about one or two rows down from the shoulder.

Inside the body, secure the safety eyes with the backings/plastic washers that came with the eyes.
I'm attempting to make one from your awesom pattern, but I'm having trouble with the hands. Ca you explain more or have more pictures of them please?
The hands are just rectangle that are crocheted in such a way so the edges &quot;turn up&quot;. When you attach them to the wrists and arms. They hold their shape on their own but can get smooshed and flattened during play. After playing with them, the hands will need to be manipulated back into the normal &quot;lego hand&quot; shape.<br><br>You can try the instructions on my blog (which should be the same as on Instructables). http://www.littlehouseincolorado.com/2011/12/pattern-for-amigurumi-crochet-lego.html<br><br>However, I also have a separate page talking about the hands: http://www.littlehouseincolorado.com/2011/12/amigurumi-lego-mini-figure-hands-and.html<br><br>Not sure specifically which part you are having trouble with but perhaps these can help. Good luck!
A true fan always shows their colors. Nice job :)
oh my gosh that is so <em><strong>AWSOME!!</strong></em>
Thank you everyone! I really appreciate the positive comments! It's very encouraging...motivates me into coming up with another pattern :)
This has the monsterlego seal of approval.
Oh, my word, that is simply brilliant!

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