Step 10:

Now put the eyes on the face:  1st – Put the safety eyes through the holes in the whites you created, place the eyes on either side of the bridge of the nose, pushing the stem through the yarn. Push the back of the safety eyes on to the stem (you may need pliers to get this to happen, so that the eyes will be secure). 
I just love his eyebrows and mustache! Wonderful!
Thank you! They were the hardest parts of the whole project.
I love it! You must have seen the movie recently too! I was thinking of doing one myself after watching the show but decided it would be too daunting of a task! Well done!
I made one without seeing the movie, how crazy it that. Thank you for looking.
Oh, this is just too neat. I love how you did the eyes and the hair. :D
Thank you!

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