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So here’s my latest crochet project – a little master Yoda!  I made the body, arms and ears using sage green cotton yarn.  The under shirt and robe were made from brown and cream acrylic yarn to provide a slight texture difference, I liked how it looked a little more rough than the body.

He stands roughly 5 inches high, and has no feet under those robes, lol!  I crocheted him free-hand so I can't give the exact method I used, but here's some rough instructions to make your own Yoda:

Here are the crochet abbreviations I'll use when describing how I made Yoda:
CH = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
DEC = Decrease
INC = Increase (2 SC in one stitch)

BODY: You can find the pattern I based my body off of here.  It gives you the same big head/little body I used and is the same size.

EARS: I believe I did the following for the ears: 
1. CH 3, SC in first CH from hook, SC x 1, turn (2)
2. SC x 2, turn (2)
3. SC x 2, turn (2)
4. SC x 1, INC, turn (3)
5. SC x 3, turn (3)
6. SC x 1, INC, SC x 1, turn (4)
7. SC x 4, turn (4)
8. SC x 4, turn (4)
9. SC x 1, DEC, SC x 1, turn (3)
10. SC x 1, DEC, turn (2)
11. SC x 2, turn (2)
12. Skip first stitch, SC x 1 (1)
13. Tie off and weave in ends.

ARMS: These are really 'work as you go', you can make them as long or short as you want.  Mine were about an inch long.
1. CH 6, join with slip stitch to make a ring
2. SC in rounds until desired height is achieved
3. DEC in each stitch until closed off, tie off and wave in ends

ASSEMBLING THE YODA: (I'm assuming you've already attached the head to the body and stuffed it as described in the pattern).  Using the same yarn you used for the body, attach the ears to the head, pinching the bases a bit to give them more of an ear-like look.  Attache the arms at the desired height on the torso.  Using black yarn, stitch simple eyes on the face. 

UNDERSHIRT: While it looks like a full shirt, it's actually more of a bib.
1. CH 27 (or the appropriate amount to go all the way around the base of your doll), join with a slip stitch to make a ring
2. SC in rounds until it reaches just under the arms
3. Turn, SC x 8, turn
4. repeat step 3 for another 3 rows (or until the bib reaches the neck of your doll)
5. Tie off, leaving a long tail.  Use the tail to loop around the back of the neck and attach to the other side of the bib to keep it in place (see my pictures, I also criss-crossed it in the back to keep the back edge from being pulled down).

ROBE: This is the trickiest part to make, and I can only attempt to explain how I made mine.  Just make sure to keep trying it on your doll to get a good fit.  Remember that these are only guidelines, you probably have to modify this to fit your doll properly and get the right look.
1. CH 31, SC in first stitch from hook, SC x 29, turn
2. SC x 30
3. Repeat step 2 for the next 4 rows (or until you reach where you want the armholes to go)
4. SC x 4, CH 6, skip next stitch, SC x 20, CH 6, skip next stitch, SC x 4 (we're making the armholes now), turn
5. SC x 10, DEC the next 20 stitches, SC x 10, turn
6. SC x 10, DEC the next 10 stitches, SC x 10, turn
7. SC x 10, INC next 5 stitches, SC x 10, turn
8. SC x 10, INC next 10 stitches, SC x 10, turn
9. SC x 40, turn
10.  If it looks how you want, tie it off and weave in the ends.  You may want to modify it more or ad more rows however.  Remember these are only the estimates of how I made my robe :)
11. To make the sleeves, I crocheted them directly to the armholes, SC all around then INC in rounds until they were the length and width I wanted.

There, you should now have something that looks like my Yoda.  I'm sorry I couldn't give definite instructions on making him, but if you have any questions or need help just ask and I'll do my best to help you :)


loompiggytutorials (author)2014-12-15

Without the robe, this could look like a house elf... Sorry, my inner Harry Potter fan girl realized this in the first picture=) Great project, it is, hmmmm!

peacefulshades (author)2012-03-25

Yea! A crocheted it is!!!

vgreer (author)2012-03-08

Hi! I'm in the middle of making my little yoda and am a beginner when it comes to following patterns. I'm working on the ears, and I'm wondering what the number in parentheses at the end means? for example,
1. CH 3, SC in first CH from hook, SC x 1, turn (2)
does that mean to repeat this line two times?


CreativeTiffany (author)vgreer2012-03-09

The numbers in parentheses simply state how many stitches you should have when you finish that row, I included them with the ears because I was increasing and decreasing as I went. For example:

CH 3, SC in first CH from hook, SC x 1, turn (2) <--it should be a total of 2 stitches wide.

SC x 1, INC, turn (3) <--you've increased, so now it should be 3 stitches wide.

It's simply to help you keep tabs on what stitches you've added. But feel free to modify the pattern as you go to make it look how you want. Good luck with the Yoda! :D

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-03-05

Amazing! Thanks for adding directions and more pictures!

vulcan24 (author)2012-03-04

I wish I could crochet just so I could hug this! Oh Grandma...

CreativeTiffany (author)2012-03-03

Thank you all very much for the nice comments! :D I've added some rough instructions on how to make the Yoda as well as some more pictures. Hopefully it's enough to help someone else make their own little Yoda ^.^

Kiteman (author)CreativeTiffany2012-03-03

Hey, not only featured, but on the front page as I type!


Attmos (author)2012-03-03

nice. yoda's the man, or something, lol.

ChrysN (author)2012-03-02

So cute!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-03-02


Kiteman (author)2012-03-02

Awesomely cute!

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