Amigurumi Photoshoot: Mario Bros. Characters





Introduction: Amigurumi Photoshoot: Mario Bros. Characters

I crochet/knit these as hobby, occasionally selling them or giving them away as gifts. NOTE: Most of these patterns aren't mine and can be found throughout the internet.



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    Where in the world did you get Wario? I have been searching for his pattern!

    I had the exact same problem when finding mario patterns online. There are some characters available, but some like wario aren't. I made that one myself based off the mario pattern, just different colors and stitch/row amounts. I measured two pics of them and just adjusted the stitch/row count to make it the correct size. It takes a little math, but the final result was worth it. :)

    They are adorable! I especially love bob omb and Bowser, brilliant!

    Have you done any of your own design?

    Out of these characters I designed Birdo and Toadsworth, but almost all of the characters I have made changes to fit my personal preferences.

    Nice, I've never gotten past corcheting squares though I really ought to give Amigurumi a shot. I was given an incredibly cute little amigurumi alien from a lovely lady in Finland as part of the Instructables gift swap that was on a few years ago, and I still love him.

    I posted this album too early to enter it in the contest, but I'm entering my Captain Jack Sparrow album instead!