I've made a video this time. It's a 4 minutes video where you can see the whole process of making a crochet cupcake with a strawberry on top.

<p>Is this your video? Could you also make steps and pictures for an actual instructable? Thanks ~Momoluv</p>
<p>Hi, I just want you to know I took your advice and posted a new step by step instructable. It wasn't as hard as I thought. I even made a pattern for it. Thanks</p>
<p>I'm working on a new crochet cupcake video now so I could start make pictures of my steps, no problem. It's a little bit hard for me to explain what I'm doing because I'm not yet very familiar with crochet terminology (English is not my first language and I also learned crochet by my own). This is one of the reasons why I started making videos (If one image is more then a thousand words, then I thought one video is... alot more) But I'll try to make a new step by step instructable with pictures and everything, no problem.</p>
<p>These look really cute!</p><p>Your video doesn't seem to be working though. You might need to re-embed it :)</p>
<p>Thanks, I think it works now</p>
Really love it
<p>thank you :)</p>

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