Step 2: Voodoo Doll: Legs

Use an "H" (5mm) Crochet Hook.

Pattern - Legs (Make 2):

SC 8 in a Magic Ring

Round 1: SC INC around (16 total)
Round 2-4: SC around (16 each round)
Round 5: SC 2, DEC around, repeat (12 remain)
Round 6-7: SC around (12 each round)
Round 8: SC 2, DEC around, repeat (9 remain)
Round 9-16: SC around, FO (9 each round)

Stuff Legs: Evenly fill legs with polyester fiber (do not overstuff).

Sew Yarn Ends: Using a yarn needle, weave in (hide) yarn ends.

Sew Legs Together: Thread needle with yarn and sew together legs (see photo 6 for reference), finish off yarn end.

<p>thanks for the great step by step instructions. I'm new to crochet and wanted to make something that would 'hide' my mistakes and look good at the end. I added stitches to disguise the fact that the legs and arms didn't match! My daughter has macabre tastes (she's thirteen) so this is what it ended up like! </p>
<p>Oh my gosh, you did a FABULOUS job!!! I love the styling you chose (especially the zombie-esque torso) and the slight difference in limbs only adds to its character. I'm sure your daughter will absolutely LOVE it. Thanks for sharing the pic.</p>
<p>Not sure about &quot;Made it,&quot; but at least &quot;Inspired by&quot; the author's design... Thanks for contributing the pattern! </p>
<p>Thanks for sharing the pic. I think it looks great. I like that you were inspired to make it your own! There are no rules here. Now he needs a friend. ;) </p>
<p>Adorably malevolent :)</p>
One day I will have magic fingers like Canucksgirl. <br>One day I will learn to crochet. Sigh. <br> <br>I just adore all of your projects!
lol... You are too sweet. <br>If you want to learn, check out my ible on How to Crochet. Its actually much easier to do than you might think. Just start with a larger hook and thicker yarn to practice the basic stitches, and if you need help, just ask! I'd be happy to help you out. <br> <br>I just finished a hat and mittens for a Christmas present. :-)
lol... voted... again!
hehe... Thanks... again! :-)
You have been a busy beaver, I respect that !<br> <br> But to work on the <strong>Dark Arts &ordf; &sect; Scary ;-&thorn;</strong><br> {<em>As I'm tossing salt from the Utah flats over my shoulder</em> }<br> Your juju is powerful indeed for such young fingers.<br> <br> Of course the workwomenship and photo documenting is Outstanding.<br> <br> A
Thank you! and yes, I have been busy. 3 ibles in one day...<br><br>I hope my efforts and luck are worthy for the Amigurumi Challenge (otherwise my new friend may prove handy if I lose). ;)
lol... I just love this little guy... and I voted for you, too. I think you've got a winner here!!!!
:) Thanks. I made it as a finalist.... they finished judging at midnight, but they haven't posted the winners yet, so I'm still waiting to find out.
Wish tor you !!!!!!
:) Thank you.<br> <br> <sup>Patience truly is a virtue...</sup>
Another opinion :-)
So much for patience (and luck)... I lost (again). :-(
Awaaa <strong>:-(</strong><br> <br><br> <br>Been here since 2006 and never got close...............
I wish I knew what I could have done better... My ible got more views than 4 of the winners, and I think I documented this project fairly well. Plus, it's my own pattern, whereas, some of the winners may have been &quot;inspired&quot; by other published patterns... (I'm not trying to sound bitter. It would just be nice to know more about how they judge projects).
You don't sound bitter... just perplexed. I am, too. <br> <br> <br> <br>
i have been working the dark art for 6 years and i'm 11 and i want to see if i can make your voodoo doll hurt my brothers LOL
why do you bother to hide your age if your going to tell people....?
Jeez, I was joking! Anyway why do I care, half these people live in usa.
wow your so talented mine are terible compared to yours your amazing
Thank you. I'm sure yours are great. When you make a new one, remember to post an instructable on it (you might also get featured and they'll give you free Pro Membership for it).
i have just made a one if you would like to see it =)<br>p.s thanks for the nice comment<br>=)
Sure! (and you're welcome).
oh... oh.... it's just a harmless pin cushion.<br><br> whew... you had me skeered for a second! ;-D
hahaha... it's multi-purpose. ;)
Consider this project voted for... and the rating system finally showed it's elusive self, too. It's gonna be a great day! ;-D
Thanks for the vote and the rating! I appreciate it. So yes, it looks like it will be a great day. (I hope the sun is shining for you also). ;)
De nada, cg. Warm and sunny in my neighborhood, too! ;-)
Same here.
That is awesome! And the directions are fantastic. :D
Thanks Jessy! Its the very first crochet pattern that I have ever written, so I was hoping to get some comments about the instructions. I hoped that grouping the photos would make it easier to follow (and be less overwhelming). <br><br>Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it! ;)
I like the way you grouped photos, it does make it easier to follow (I bet that took a lot of time to put together), Nicely done!
Thanks! Yes, it took quite a while to do. I ended up using exactly 100 photos for just this instructable. <br><br>Then I also wrote the Magic Ring ible and the How to Crochet ible at the same time.... I took a crazy number of photos to get all three done.<br><br>Thanks for commenting! :)
I cant decide if this is cute or just plain creepy.
haha.... Since its a Voodoo Doll, I guess its a little of both. ;)

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