Amigurumi and the Perils of Space Exploration


Introduction: Amigurumi and the Perils of Space Exploration

About: Hi! I dream of someday becoming a mad scientist. …or a llama farmer. …or a mad llama scientist. For now, I craft and write patterns. … It could be said that I pursue my goals by odd means. :)

The ocean isn't the only place full of danger! Follow along as our intrepid astronaut explores the starry unknown.

All items were made and designed by me using my Clover Soft Touch US Size E (3.5 mm) hook, and stuffed using polyester fiberfill. Some of the crochet patterns which I used here are available online, and I have included links where applicable. Some patterns have not yet been released. :)

Also, because I am exceedingly lazy, the speech bubbles were made using a tool available here:

Astronaut :
Measures about 4.5" tall.
Made using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Almond and Charcoal
Pattern is not yet available, but a ready-made astronaut is available here:

Measures about 4.5" across at its widest point, and 8" long from tip to the end of the flame
Made using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Stone, Maize, Terracotta, and Charcoal
Pattern is not yet available, but a ready-made rocketship is available here:

Measures about 3" tall.
Made using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Almond, althrough really, the color of yarn doesn't matter. The finished crocheted robot was covered in layer of gesso, then spray painted with silver metallic paint, and given a wash of darker pigment to bring out the texture. Washers and screws were added once the paint was dried. (The screws can be screwed directly into the finished item)

Effectively the same as the pattern available here:

Which is, in turn, based on a pattern available in my book, Creepy Cute Crochet.

Space Worm:
Measures about 4.75" across at the mouth and 22" long.
Made using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Hazelnut, Almond, and Golden Glow
Pattern not yet available, but a ready-made space worm is available here:



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    I love it! Crisp clean lines and full round shapes and good complimentary symmetry. Nice tight stitches. These are pieces that I would pay money for or invest my time in reproducing with pleasure.

    You're my hero, these are great!

    Great work, I'm eagerly awaiting some patters :)

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for making me giggle! That's fantastic!

    You are one fantastic crocheter! Keep making your awesome slideshows, they're the best!


    This is a great sequel to "The perils of deep sea diving"! I can't wait for the next one.   Great Job!

    I totally love your crochet cartoons!
    Can't wait for the next one!!!
    Fav, 5*

    Never before have I thought "I want that <insert crochet item here>!". Until I saw that worm! I want one :)

    Oh, fabulous! 

    Though is relative mustache location really the biggest concern when you meet yourself from another dimension?

    Most excellent!  A terrific followup for your deep-sea diver :-)

    Have I mentioned recently just how utterly made of the Awesome you are?

    This is fantastic.