This is an Amigurumi Cthulhu i made for some friends as a housewarming gift, the pattern was a combination of http://allaboutami.tumblr.com/post/16498866712/dragonpattern and http://cthulhucrochet.blogspot.ca/2008/05/tiny-cthulhu-free-pattern.html and was my first major crochet project, so i made a few mistakes, but i also learned a lot over the course of making this doll. he's made of worsted weight acrylic yarn crocheted on a 4mm hook and filled with hypoallergenic fiber fill. the eyes were embroidered on with mercerized cotton so that their son couldn't pull them off
Very Chul! thank you for sharing!
Cool, I like the curly tentacles.
Great work! This is a very impressive first project. :D

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