A fun little octopus with big eyes.

This is the first time i've made a crochet pattern and the first time i've make an instructable, so i hope everything i've writen down makes sense. Also, english is my second language so be kind on any spelling mistakes.

What do you need to make this octopus:

Yarn- 1 ball of yarn in whatever colour you like, I used purple.
           Some white yarn for the eyes.
Some black (or another dark colour) yarn to embroider the pupils.
Crochet hook- I used size 3.0 but you can use whatever size works best with your chosen yarn.
Yarn needle

Abbreviations used in the instructable:

rep = repeat(s)(ing)
sc = single crochet
st(s) = stitch(es)
tog = together

Step 1: Make the Body

The  body (make 1):
Round 1-             Make a magic circle with 6 sc.
                              Leave a long end if you want to make a haning loop when you are done                                                                                    
Round 2-             *2 sc in each st around - 12 sts.
Round 3-             *2 sc in next st, sc in next st, rep from * around - 18 sts.
Round 4-             *2 sc in next st, sc in each of next 2 sts, rep from * around - 24 sts.
Round 5-             *2 sc in next st, sc in each of next 3 sts, rep from * around - 30 sts.
Round 6-             *2 sc in next st, sc in each of next 2 sts, rep from * around - 40 sts.
Round 7/18-      Sc in each st around.
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I wouldn't have the patience to make one, but I really like it. I really find it cute and the first thing my 8year old said when she saw it on the screen was &quot;cuuuute&quot;. <br>Maybe Mommy can make one ;-)
Cute octopus, your instructions are great (and your English is fine)!<br />

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