Amigurumi Troubles With Tribbles!





Introduction: Amigurumi Troubles With Tribbles!

You do probably know "Star Trek: The Original Series" episode "Troubles with Tribbles". I reallt like this episode, it's one of my favourite. Sometimes ago I did two tribbles, and I called one Chomsky from Noam Chomsky after I did a "revisited screencap" from "Star Trek: Enterprise - The Breach".

As ever, I know I can't win. I just want to enter the contest because I'm an amigurumi addict and just because I like to take part in it and I like to have my works be listed with similar ones.

I've made two types of tribbles, but the pattern is more or less the same.

wool or cotton
crochet 4 mm or good to match the wool or cotton

Step 1: Pattern

The pattern is quite simple, it's ball flat on the bottom.

sc = single crochet
inc = increasing sc
dec = decreasing sc

In a magic ring:
6 sc (6)
6 inc (12)
*1 inc 1 sc** 6 times (18)
*1 inc 2 sc** 6 times (24)
*1 inc 3 sc** 6 times (30)
*1 inc 4 sc** 6 times (36)
*1 inc 5 sc** 6 times (42)
*1 inc 6 sc** 6 times (48)
work evenly 48 sc for 4 rounds
*1 dec 6 sc** 6 times (42)
work evenly 42 sc
*1 dec 5 sc** 6 times (36)
work evenly 36 sc
*1 dec 4 sc** 6 times (30)
work evenly 30 sc
*1 dec 3 sc** 6 times (24)
work evenly 24 sc
*1 dec 2 sc** 6 times (18)
*1 dec 1 sc** 6 times (12)
6 dec (6)

Sew close the top hole.

You can go on with inc to have a bigger tribble, or stop eraly to make a littler.

You can also stitch from top to botton, just crochet the evenly rounds when increasing and not when decreasing.

Step 2: Fur

The brown tribble is done with very thin wool, worked with 7 yarn together. After finishing the tribble, I've put little pieces of wool through the stitches, to make the fur. This is simpler to do than to explain, so look at the diagram in this step. You can do it simply with the crochet. It's simple, but a little long work.

Step 3: Another Way to Do the Fur

Chomsky is made with a strange wool I've got from a friend. With this wool, I just needed to do the ball, the fur went  "naturally out".



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I plan to make this for my supervisor at work, then bring in first one and then several at a time. He is a huge Star Trek fan and will get such a kick out of this.

Please, post the photos! :)

Hi Monsterlego (great nickname, it seems we have a passion in common, I do love Lego).... sorry, but I hadn't understand this comment. >O.o< (And no, I don't watch Futurama.... just some episode here and there.)

I'd translate this as "do you have an Etsy store?"

For the pattern or for the actual tribble? No, sorry, btw.... I don't have a store.... should I? ;D

thanks! It just a nerdy way of saying i would pay for this. :)

Ah, okay! :D Thank you!