You do probably know "Star Trek: The Original Series" episode "Troubles with Tribbles". I reallt like this episode, it's one of my favourite. Sometimes ago I did two tribbles, and I called one Chomsky from Noam Chomsky after I did a "revisited screencap" from "Star Trek: Enterprise - The Breach".

As ever, I know I can't win. I just want to enter the contest because I'm an amigurumi addict and just because I like to take part in it and I like to have my works be listed with similar ones.

I've made two types of tribbles, but the pattern is more or less the same.

wool or cotton
crochet 4 mm or good to match the wool or cotton

Step 1: Pattern

The pattern is quite simple, it's ball flat on the bottom.

sc = single crochet
inc = increasing sc
dec = decreasing sc

In a magic ring:
6 sc (6)
6 inc (12)
*1 inc 1 sc** 6 times (18)
*1 inc 2 sc** 6 times (24)
*1 inc 3 sc** 6 times (30)
*1 inc 4 sc** 6 times (36)
*1 inc 5 sc** 6 times (42)
*1 inc 6 sc** 6 times (48)
work evenly 48 sc for 4 rounds
*1 dec 6 sc** 6 times (42)
work evenly 42 sc
*1 dec 5 sc** 6 times (36)
work evenly 36 sc
*1 dec 4 sc** 6 times (30)
work evenly 30 sc
*1 dec 3 sc** 6 times (24)
work evenly 24 sc
*1 dec 2 sc** 6 times (18)
*1 dec 1 sc** 6 times (12)
6 dec (6)

Sew close the top hole.

You can go on with inc to have a bigger tribble, or stop eraly to make a littler.

You can also stitch from top to botton, just crochet the evenly rounds when increasing and not when decreasing.
<p>I plan to make this for my supervisor at work, then bring in first one and then several at a time. He is a huge Star Trek fan and will get such a kick out of this.</p>
Please, post the photos! :)
Hi Monsterlego (great nickname, it seems we have a passion in common, I do love Lego).... sorry, but I hadn't understand this comment. &gt;O.o&lt; (And no, I don't watch Futurama.... just some episode here and there.)
I'd translate this as "do you have an Etsy store?"
For the pattern or for the actual tribble? No, sorry, btw.... I don't have a store.... should I? ;D
thanks! It just a nerdy way of saying i would pay for this. :)
Ah, okay! :D Thank you!
Awesome! So fluffy! How long did it take to add in the fur do you think? I've been thinking of adding that in the a planned amigurumi, but wasn't sure how long it would take.
Thank you! &gt;^.^&lt;<br>Of course it depends on how big is your tribble. If I remeber right, it took me more or less two hours to start and finish the brown tribble. But I often stopped to reply some email or to do something else ;D. A way to shorten the work is to cut the piece of yarn using a cardboard. Cut it the size you want the fur to be, plus 1 cm for the knot. Then spool around it the yarn a lot of times, then cut it only on one size. You'll have the pieces of yarn ready to be put in place. See the diagram, I something have still difficults explaining because English it's not my native language. In Italian would be very simpler ;D If something is not clear, please tell me.

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