Ammo Box Speaker!





Introduction: Ammo Box Speaker!

Digital Snow Camo Version!

Airport Express, Boss 200W Car Audio Amp, Bass Face 400W 4" Speakers!



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    Is that a Apple TV box in thare?

    Not an Apple TV - Airport Express.

    That's so cool, and the paint job makes it even better. Will you make an ible on how to do the painting please

    Spraying the box was easy - just base coat of white then 3 different over-sprays with Green, Black and Grey with a Digital Camo Stencil like this:

    How did u power it?

    240v to a 14.4v transformer/adapter.

    what are those bars covering the speakers?
    I LOVE this design!

    White plastic door handles! 10 for £2.99 at B&Q!

    How do you use the USB? and how does the Airport express fit into the system? EDIT: How is the Airport Express used with the system? Really like the set up, and the paint job looks great

    The USB is just for charging! It is a Griffin 2.1A iPad Charger for a car - connected to the 12v supply for the amplifier. The Airport Express has an Audio Out 3.5mm jack which is connect to the amplifier with 3.5mm to RCA cable. Both the 12v DC Adaptor and the AE are 240v which is why I went for a 240v cable out the back.