Step 8: Wiring

The wiring is pretty simple.  The positive terminal of the battery is connected to the breaker, then to the switch.  The positive terminal of the inverter is connected to the switch and the negative terminal back to the negative battery terminal.

I later added (and you can see in a few pictures) a LED power indicator, and a 12 volt automotive outlet.

They also get wired between the switch and the negative terminal of the battery.

The automotive outlet is a cheap extension cable from walmart that I cut the male end off and wired in.  One like this.

The battery charger is permanently wired to the battery as well.  It has its own marked leads that are bolted to the terminals as well.

I whipped up a wiring diagram to help illustrate as well.
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ilongsworth3 years ago
how long do the back up power last
EvilMarker4 years ago
can i use a 25 amp switch