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Create an inexpensive lock system for a surplus army ammo canister.  This lock design is intended to keep items safe from children and to help honest people stay honest.  If you you want a real safe, buy a real safe.

I had a desire to keep ammo out of the hands of children so they wouldn't be tempted to "play" with it.

It should go with out saying, but I'll say it anyway.  Because I will be drilling into the side of the canister, the canister will no longer be water-proof.  This wasn't a problem for me put it might be for you.

Step 1: What's needed

Picture of What's needed
1 - .50 cal ammo can
1 - 3/8 - 16 X 1 universal clevis pin
1 - universal hairpin
1 - 1/2" drill bit
1 - 3/8" drill bit
1 - 15/64" drill bit
1 - drill
1 - rat-tail file
1 - padlock with 3/16" diameter shackle

1 - bench vice
1 - Dremel
1 - end mill bit for Dremel
1 - #83 O-ring
CaseyCase2 years ago
Cool camo job!
knj5306 (author)  CaseyCase2 years ago
Thanks. It was my first attempt at tiger stripe camo.