Ammunition Canister Lock Box





Introduction: Ammunition Canister Lock Box

Create a inexpensive lock box out of an old surplus ammunition canister. Most ammunition canisters used by the military are made of thick steel with a lever closing mechanism. They are generally waterproof and have removable lids. This makes them ideal for storing a wide variety of equipment that are sensitive to moisture.

Step 1: Selecting an Ammo Can

The best place to buy these is at your local military surplus store, or at a local flea market. They can cost anywhere from $5 to $50 depending on size and condition. When selecting an ammo can pay attention to the holes located in the closing lever. The one I used in this instructable happens to be shaped perfect for the hasp to pass through. If you can't find one like this in the size you want, you can always cut a bigger hole.

Make sure that the rubber seal is still located in the lid if you want it to be waterproof.

Step 2: Hardware

You will need the following from your local hardware store.
- Hinge Hasp (sold for locking gates)
- Nuts and bolts. x 4(The bolts don't have to be very long, 10mm should be enough)

In my case the hasp came with four wood screws, but I needed something secure and decided to buy nuts and bolts.

Step 3: Mark and Drill Holes

Place the hasp on the front of the can and mark where to drill the holes. Make sure you try closing the lid with the hasp in place before drilling the holes to test the fit.

Make sure you drill the holes slightly larger than the bolts. I drilled mine the exact same size and ended up stripping the first bolt trying to thread it through.

Step 4: Attach Hasp

Insert the bolts into the holes and attach the nuts. If you want to ensure that the ammo can will remain 100% water proof you can coat the nuts on the inside with silicone caulking.



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    Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for when I googled "ammo lock box kit". Thanks!

    Nice setup and useful instructable. The whole waterproof issue is easily avoided by simply tack welding the hasp onto the can. Years back, we used a large 20MM ammo can this same way. We even tack welded a couple of brackets to it and matching brackets to our government issued Jeep. We had enough room in it for several issue .45 Colts and a couple of broken over M-16's. Locked it all up snug so we could tend to other matters from time to time when the weapons were not immediately needed.

    I'm in the army and that's where I saw this used the first time. We use it to lock up C7 (M16) bolt carrier groups, since they are not allowed to be transported in the same vehicle as the weapons on public roads.

    Unfortunately I don't have a welder and as such couldn't weld them on, but for my use (indoor lockbox) it is sufficient.

    Rubber Washers would surely create a waterproof seal around the bolts?

    Yes it would, also applying a good dose of epoxy/J.B Weld to the contact point of the metals and nut, or even silicone gasket seal.

    Or just epoxy the latch to the box, no drilling? You might have to do a little paint removal, but that's better than breaching the box.

    Or you could just put a small glob of silicone on each of the holes befor you insert the bolts, and after it all is set up, you could put on a little more just to be safe.

    Yes, it should. I didn't need mine to be waterproof and not a lot of people need a waterproof lock-box. Normally you store valuables indoors anyway.

    If you welded the ring to the box would that also help with waterproofing? Is welding the ring to the box possible? I've never welded before and don't know much about welding, so please help out a n00b.