I finished this up awhile ago as a birthday gift for my brother/ awesome prop mask for myself. I have basically the same write up for it on my blog: boundclockprops.com. Just thought I would share it in this forum as well.

This is the mask of the evil villain Amon from the show legend of Korra.

Step 1: The Beginning

To begin with I mixed up and rolled out some Apoxie Sculpt and placed it onto the foam head with a layer of saran wrap, between the putty and the head, to keep it from sticking so I could save the head for future projects. After the initial rubbing and shaping of the Apoxie I let it cure so the really work could begin. To smooth the surface and do more shaping I applied multiple layers of bondo. After which a sequence of sanding, then bondo, then sanding some more, the bondo, then sanding, sanding, sanding, and just for good measure sanding some more.

Once the final shape came through I began making/refining the details for the mask, which for this mask was basically 5 or different parts, including the eyes, nose, mouth, the circle on top, the crown like piece around the circle, and the cheek pieces.
thx saw the episode last night
Excellent! I think you should do one for Darth Revan.
This is amazing.
This is fantastic but I think yo should fill out some of the small blips and dips and smooth it out o make it look more even
its Hamon the H makes a wierd sound
I can't tell if you are trolling or not, so just to be safe. It is spelled Amon after the Amon pressure point and Amon Ra the Egyptian sun god.
Incredible! So, if your brother wants to be Amon, does than mean you'll be Tarrlok?
Amon was pretty awesome and this mask looks great.
Awesome! The result it's great, and you should feel good!
Awesome! Equalists Forever! (not realy) ;)
Nice <br>
Gorgeous work!

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