This is a simple footswitch that you can use on any amp that has channels that are footswitchable. to give you some numbers a boss FS-5U(single petal)costs $25 and a boss FS-6 (double petal)costs $50 this footswitch only cost me $7.08.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures it was taken with my cell phone in low light.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:


volt meter
small philups head screwdriver
soldering iron
wire cutters/strippers
electrical tape

What I had:(if you don't have some/all of these things the overall cost will go up.)

1/4 stereo to 1/8 headphones jack(shown below)
old headphones (preferably not right angle)
Heat shrink(optional)

What I bought:

SPST Momentary pushbutton switches 2 pack(275-0609)($3.69)
5x2 1/2x2" project enclosure(270-1803)($3.39)
i have a Roland cube 15xl . will it work with my amp?
I have a line 6 spider pro 3, and the footswitch doesn't go in via the jack socket. it's something like a telephone wire thing. could you please give me some idea on how 2 mod this so it will work?
see the thing with line six is the amps they make are digital and i dont know if the foot switch is a digital one. all i can think of is taking a telephone cable with jack on the end( a cable with 4 wires not two) cutting it in half and stripping the wires. plug this in to the amp and touch two wires together at a time and record what happens. like if red and yellow turn distortion on ect. if nothing happens they use digital foot switches witch means you need a circuit board in the foot switch and i dont know how to make a line 6 one. after you test what i told you post you results and i'll figure put how it needs to be wired up if its possible.
The Line 6 floorboards (FBV, etc...) have computers in them, you CANNOT just plug an ethernet cable into it! You wll ruin the amp! Do not, repeat, DO NOT plug a cable into the amp and sart touchin wires together to see what happens unless you're ready to buy a new amp!!! The wah/vol pedal included with some of the L6's floorboards are just that, wah & volume effects run and programmed within the floorboards onboard computer. The 'board is not just a bunch of switches... be very careful! I've 'heard' that the Behringer midi floorboard can also be used with L6 but you should check with L6 first!
Sorry for some of my spelling, cheap plastic keyboard...;>)
its a ethernet cable. so try to find some way to attach that via soulder
can someone give me the schematic?
This may not work on every amp, though. Some use locking switches rather than momentary. Find out before you build it - you can probably get the locking switches on the internet, though perhaps not quite as cheap as these.
If I have an amp with a clean/distortion channel will this allow me to switch between the two channels?<br />
bro isnt it that we have 3 wires?what wires are those that are connected?and where's the other one?thanks!<br />
&nbsp;Oh my god man thanks so much, i was trying to find the behinger pedal fs112 for my blue devil gx112 and the pedal is pretty well extinct so i went out and bought the parts and put it all together. and it works amazing!
I just got back from "The Source" (Radio Shack.) The bits were a bit more expensive here in Canadia, but man this thing is awesome. I've been trying to find/buy the real thing (Boss FS-6) for weeks with no luck - nobody seems to have it in stock and its on backorder all over the country . . . This cost me ~15 bucks (I put a stereo jack in rather than run the wires through the box). Thanks amigo, "keep on rockin in the cheap world"
Im interested in trying this but i have a crate bfx-220h and the footswith is hooked up to 8 or 9 different effects so a) will the foot switch only trigger the one that is set? and b) would I be able to make an 8-9 button footswitch with each button activating a different effect?
would single switch version be compatible with any fender amp
idk make the wire half and touch the wires together if it does somthing than yes. im assuming it would though
i tried a momentary switch but it would switch back once i let go of the button. how do you get it to stay? thanks
this is how most i though worked you'll need to buy a on/off switch
y is there 4 if in the previous theres 3 wires? is it an extra ground?
when left and ground is connected it does 1 thing whan right and ground are conected it does another. all the buttons do is compleat the curcut so they can go to the same ground.
Wher do you Plugg it in to?
its a channel switcher it plugs in to the foot switch jack on your amp. not all amps have foot switch jacks or channels
Oh, so this wouldnt work on line6 spider 30 watts, right?
no it would not the footswitch on line 6 amps are digatal so it works diffrently there needs to be a chip in the footswitch that tells the amp what effects to turn on.
yea, i researched it a bit more.. thanks!
Why momentary switches? Wouldn't a momentary switch only keep you switched to your other channel for the time you have the switch pushed down?
Okay, I just tried it out on my amp, I understand the reason for the momentary switch.
need picture plees
i for got to take pictures befor i put the parts in but its just two holes in the top for the buttons and one in the side fro the wire.

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