Make inexpensive, trendy artwork with canvas, acrylic paint and the Preval Sprayer. This spray painted art is so easy to make, you'll want to do this project again and again. 

What you'll need:
* Exacto knife
* Scissors
* Painter's tape
* Funnel
* Water
* White pencil (Prismacolor) -- DickBlick.com or Michaels.com
* Preval Sprayer -- DickBlick.com
* Raw canvas board / stretched burlap -- Michaels.com
* Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint, Black -- Michaels.com
* Wooden ampersand  -- Michaels.com
<p>Thanks! It's just as easy as it looks too :)</p>
<p>Cute decoration :)</p>

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Bio: The Preval Sprayer is an economical and versatile tool that's great for use in DIY craft projects, home decorating and even home renovating. See ... More »
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