Introduction: Amphibious Altoids Car

This is a car that I made from my altoids boat. It is pretty much the exact same thing. All you need to do is put some lego wheels on the bottom of the altoids tin. The propeller is used to push the vehicle forward on land, and it acts as a paddle in the water. It works well, although it sprays up a bit of water. Have fun! (look at my other instructable for the original altoids tin boat.) I made this instructable to increase the number of entries on the weekly challenge (wheels.) 


Higgs Boson made it! (author)2011-12-25

will the thing actually move? the lego looks like it would get jammed on the ground. Looks very cool, and would be awesome to see working though.

freeza36 made it! (author)freeza362011-12-26

it did go, until i took it apart

mdylan made it! (author)mdylan2012-02-19

why did you take it apart

freeza36 made it! (author)freeza362012-02-19

to reuse the tin

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