Picture of Amphibious Vehicle
So, as the name suggests, I've made  a vehicle able to travel on land as well as water.
So, you might think whats innovative or difficult in making such a vehicle o_O
Garb two water-proof motors, a water propeller, wheels , microcontroller and there you have it...!
But, what if you have a very low budget.. and can't afford those high cost water-proof motors and propellers!Then you are in the right instructable pal.
So, my idea uses mostly cheap parts and you would be able to make your own Amphibious Vehicle within 500 Rupees(I guess it might be approximately 8-9$)
Above are the photos of the CAD models of the vehicle created in Solidworks .
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Step 1: Material Needed

1) Two Motors ( I used these Plastic geared motors )
2) Nylon Rods or Aluminium Rods ( Aluminium preferably -- learnt it the hard way!  I've used nylon rods, yeah they are quite light weight but are really difficult to machine whereas aluminium rods are light as well as easy to machine)
3) Acrylic sheet ( I used this, you may use any light weight material you want. I used this because i)Light weight ii)Can be easily cut into desired shapes iii)its transparent look looks good!)
4) Some wires(for motors)
5) Wheels
6) O-rings( Diameter of whose is around 1-1.5mm less than diameter of your motor shaft )
7) M-seal and Feviquick
8) If you are going to cut the acrylic sheet at home you might need a tool such as Glass cutter. Its very cheap. Costs around 15-20 Rupees. You can get this in any Hardware shop.
9) Two empty cans ( for buoyancy!)

Step 2: The Parts..!

Picture of The Parts..!
So, the Photo above shows different parts you will have to make for your amphibian.
Looking at the CAD model Photos in further steps will make it more clear how each part has to be made.