This is simple transistor amplifier that i found searching for amplifiers, i used bc548 and bc327 , place of transistor is corect but pin isnt , if amplifier dont work just turn transistors 180 degrees.  on my breadboard i try out both configurations and it was runing nice, ..
sound is nice, and with nice box for speaker it would be nice portable party sistem.
Can i use 2 Bc547
<p>can anyone tell me what is wrong with this circuit? it is for an audio controlled led chaser.any help is highly appreciated.</p>
It works, not very loud but you can hear a thing.. By me, it works the best with 12 input, on 3 volts are a lot of background noise.
i used 9v battery, also , good thing about this circuit is that you can use a lots of other transistors, some of them will work better, some dont.....
Well yea, I got that because I had already burned one transistor ( bc547).. <br>Btw, how loud do you get from your circuit? I'm asking because I'd manage to get just a little bit louder that headphones on full volume..
also,if you want something louder its better to use lm386, or if you have 12 v supply lm380
I know, op-amp are better for that.. Anyway, I took that scheme because I was bored and wanted to do something. I didn't have op-amp, only a bunch of transistors and resistors. :-)<br>I had on mind to make audio amplifier from vacuum tubes and transistors, like some hybrid. Do you maybe know some good scheme of that kind of amplifier? <br><br>Anyway, thanks for help and quick responses.
sorry for delayed answer,.. i saw that kind of amplifier but i dont remember the name . just type speakers or amplifier in instructables search and you will find it
bc547 i also burned one.... <br>i can get sound like telephone on max
You don't show where you connect the input in the schematic.
Input is mic, but you can use 3.5mm jack, and output is speaker

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