‘Amplify’ is a revolutionary device that allows you to turn your guitar amplifier, into a radio in seconds! Whether you’re a guitar nut, roadie, or just fancy a change from your typical radio to get the traffic reports, Amplify is perfect. It’s small enough to throw in your bag, and elegant in its own retro way so as not to spoil the classic look of your beloved guitar amp.

This is a radio hack i did as part of a 2nd year Product Design coursework project, at Dundee University. The brief instructed us to use the inner workings from a standard handheld radio, and incorparate them into a brand new design of our own.

This Instructable will guide you through all you need to know in order to build this guitar amp radio which i have entitled 'Amplify'.

The photos above show the logo, a 3d render and my initial sketch model.

Step 1: What You Need...

1 - 1 x radio circuit board
2 - Aluminium Sheet
3 - 2 x Brushed Aluminium control knobs
4 - Styrene plastic sheet
5 - Selection of small allan keys
6 - 1 x standard light fitting
7 - 1 x minijack to minijack lead
8 - 1 x 3.5mm to 6.3mm audio jack adapter
9 - 1 x Letraset letter transfer set
10 - 1 x Cut Vinyl Sticker
11 - 1 x 5mm black cable
12 - 4 x Rivets
13 - 1x AA battery pack.
I have been seeing this for over 30 years, so I would not call it revolutionary. Your version <em>is</em>&nbsp;very nicely done.
Sweet! Great idea... :D
this design is sweet. should look good on my amp!
Amazing. Looks like it was brought from the store. very well done
Cheers man, love the good feedback. I think it's the vinyl sticker that does it.
That is actually pretty damn cool. I envision if it ever became mass produced, even as a version 2.0, you could make t he audio plug pivot so it could be folded away for even easier storage. Nice work!
thanks man! yeah thats a good idea, would save having a big spike attached when its not being used. cheers.

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