Step 15: Final Outcome!

This is my final product! 'Amplify' I'm very pleased with the way it has turned out.

This concept, is one that to my knowledge does not already exist as a product, but would be simple to do using any handheld radio. I think it would do well as a product and feel that ‘Amplify’ is a brilliant concept. Finished product aside, it is no doubt that this assignment has been the most useful section of my course so far. Building it has taught me many new processes, including laser cutting, riveting, guillotining and basic electronics. I feel this project was a success. I managed to get ‘Amplify’ built, working and looking better than i would ever have expected.

Have a go and see how yours turn out. It would be great to receive any feedback or suggestions anyone may have.



'Rock Out....to the Radio!' 
I have been seeing this for over 30 years, so I would not call it revolutionary. Your version <em>is</em>&nbsp;very nicely done.
Sweet! Great idea... :D
this design is sweet. should look good on my amp!
Amazing. Looks like it was brought from the store. very well done
Cheers man, love the good feedback. I think it's the vinyl sticker that does it.
That is actually pretty damn cool. I envision if it ever became mass produced, even as a version 2.0, you could make t he audio plug pivot so it could be folded away for even easier storage. Nice work!
thanks man! yeah thats a good idea, would save having a big spike attached when its not being used. cheers.

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