Picture of Amy Winehouse - Easy Bee Hive Hair Up Do
Amy and Wendy.jpg

So this is what I wear to work on October 31st. Tribute to the very talented yet tragic Amy Winehouse. I love her voice and her music. May she rest in peace.

At first I hesitate because of the beehive hair might be a little fussy to do. But, it only took me around 10-15 mins to do the hair. Well, actually it took me 20ish mins because my colleagues was distracting me :p
I did all the hair do and make up at office. So you can imagine how easy it was.
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Step 1: Things You Need

Picture of Things You Need

Things you need

- Shower puff or a ball of yarn (I use shower puff)
- Felt fabric, use the same color as your hair
- Bobby pins, lots of em'
- Stapler (because this is easy and available at my desk)
- Hairspray
- Regular comb and/or teasing comb
- Bandana or ribbon or any other hair accessories

Step 2: The Head Implant

Picture of The Head Implant

Head Implant

So this is what I do to make the 'head implant'

1. Wrap the shower puff with felt cloth.
2. Hold the folds together using regular a stapler.
Continue until you get a round pillow-like shape.

Step 3: Divide Your Hair

Picture of Divide Your Hair

Divide your hair

1. Divide the front side of your hair from one ear to another. This include bangs and some more hair on the side. See on the pic, its the hairs i put aside next to my cheeks.

2. Divide the back part in to two sections, still from ear to ear. So you will have the upper part and the down part. Tie the down part with hair ties or rubber band or anything so it wont interfere with what you will do to the upper part.

3. Divide the upper part in to two sections. This time divide the upper upper part to a triangle shape. So you'll get upper A (upper upper) and upper B (upper down).

ummm... yeah like that :p
sabu.dawdy1 year ago
surprisingly easy :P
I did Amy Winehouse a couple of years ago (while she was still alive) and I have to say it is one of the easiest costumes without being cheesy or hard to recognize! Of course it's good to have fun with it, but all you *really* need are the hair and the winged eyeliner!
I wish I had had an instructable like yours... I teased and sprayed and teased and sprayed until I had the beehive!
md4v3 (author)  angelprojekt2 years ago
Yeah I hate doing too much tease on my hair. Ends up making my hair breaks and frizzy. Meh.
You can make a beehive with this Instructables without even teasing your hair. If you want to make a bigger beehive, just add an extra shower puff or cotton balls or wool yarn or whatever that you can find around your house that is fluffy, light weight and round shaped.
Very nice Instructable and very nice tribute.
md4v3 (author)  NatureGeek243 years ago
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Great! I love your resourcefulness for making the "implant."
md4v3 (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
Thank you!