So this began as my last attempt to make a case for my phone. My first attempt was trying to make a metal mold however the mold broke. ( click here if you want to try that instead). This case has it's problems: the case is vary fragile, It's also quite sharp, it leaves a small glue residue each time you put it onto the phone, and it covers the camera and the speaker. However I think it turned out ok in terms of looks. If you wish to make your own post a comment and I'll do a full step by step ible, or just wing it. Pretty much anything can be added to this case as it is just a modge-podge of stuff that represents who I am. I chose electronic components because that is what the phone is made off and because they could be soldered on. I would not suggest solder if you were to make this as it is too brittle and sharp.  I apologize for the less than spectacular pictures I'm still working on getting a camera. Thanks for reading hope it's not to bad. 
This just made me smile... it's soooo... well... i am not sure, but more importantly, it made me giggle and smile..lol
Good job.Pictures are nice. <br />http://www.shrutimechatronics.com/products.php
Thanks for the link but I prefer to scavenge my parts from old electronics.
Wow. I have never seen anything like it.
I'll take that as a complement, Thanks.
Reminds me of this: <a href="http://xkcd.com/730/" rel="nofollow">http://xkcd.com/730/</a>
LOl, Thats how most of my circuits turn out. Thanks

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