Introduction: An Airsoft Spring Pistol Int a Bolt Action Rifle

Picture of An Airsoft Spring Pistol Int a Bolt Action Rifle

Step 1: You Will Need

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1 a spring pistol
2 Two pieces of doweling
3 one inch by 2 to 4 ( depending on your arm) inches

4 hockey tape
5 glue modelling or wood
6 scotch tape

Step 2: Start Sawing

Step 3:

Tape the stock together then tape it onto the gun

Step 4:

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Put thin piece of scotch tape on the Side of the gun the glue the bolt onto the tape


SebastianV16 (author)2016-02-10

You think this takes concentration? Try healing in World of Warcraft after someone in the group just feared the entire room and the stupid death knight has stolen all the aggro from the tank, all whilst trying to reach deep into the bag for the extra cheesy dorritos. Now THAT is a skill. This is just a bunch of tap dancing in tight clothes with a room full of genelemen looking intently at you.. uhh no thanks. Ill take the fame of being the #1 ranked healer in all of Azeroth.

CannonF0der (author)2016-01-26


cacj131 (author)2014-09-15

im making one like this :-) You have indpired me to make something like this. im making mine tactical black.

the easter bunny (author)2014-06-10


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