An Almost Free Drill Bit Holder




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Introduction: An Almost Free Drill Bit Holder

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It's never fun to dig through a box of drill bits looking for the one you want. This is an easy way to keep than organized and handy. If you have a scrap piece of wood around its freeeee!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You'll need:
A drill
1/4 drill bit
A piece of scrap wood (2x4 will work best)
A saw
A pencil

Step 2: Cutting

Cut your piece to 10 inches.

Step 3: Drilling

Make 2 horizontal lines across the top edge. Then on each line make vertical lines and inch apart. Drill a hole where the lines intersect. Be careful not to drill all the way through the 2x4.

Step 4: Arrange Your Bits

This part is easy. I arranged mine largest to smallest (OCD) : / .

Step 5: Store Em!

It fits nicely into the cabinet above my workbench.



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    If you rip cut a strip of wood off the bottom before you drill then you do not have to be very careful about drilling through. Just glue the strip back on when you're done drilling.

    Don't forget to vote!!

    You could easily make one to fit by using a smaller price.

    Genius !

    My workbench gap is smaller than 10". Do you have an instructable for making a new one that I can fit the drill-holder into ?

    Very cleaver. Will give it a try. Thx for posting.