An Alternative Use for Peeps


Introduction: An Alternative Use for Peeps

Here is an interesting twist of what you can do with those EVIL marshmallow peeps.



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    hey I was just wondering. what would happen if you turned on that pressure thing with out sealing it off? would it decrease the pressure in the room?

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    You'd have to seal off all holes. It's common sense.

    Hulk smash!!! You had some bad experiences as a child, didn't you?

    vid wont load... :(

    those are mashmellow pals not peep and peeps are delicious

    i couldn't help but laugh! I found this out when putting mini marshmellows in a syringe... good stuffs.

    that is awesome, to an incredible degree. nice job.

    Great I liked it! I hope you post another like it.

    i've done that in science class ecxept it wasn't a peep it was a plain marshmallow

    awesome gotta try this.