video An Alternative use for Peeps
Here is an interesting twist of what you can do with those EVIL marshmallow peeps.
mangomango6 years ago
hey I was just wondering. what would happen if you turned on that pressure thing with out sealing it off? would it decrease the pressure in the room?
You'd have to seal off all holes. It's common sense.
lobo_pal6 years ago
Hulk smash!!! You had some bad experiences as a child, didn't you?
volquete6 years ago
vid wont load... :(
bobhill1256 years ago
those are mashmellow pals not peep and peeps are delicious
lol that is funny! that is a good use for peeps lmao
Kaiven6 years ago
i couldn't help but laugh! I found this out when putting mini marshmellows in a syringe... good stuffs.
Those things are scary looking!
Geoffrito7 years ago
that is awesome, to an incredible degree. nice job.
Great I liked it! I hope you post another like it.
Reala447 years ago
i've done that in science class ecxept it wasn't a peep it was a plain marshmallow
duck-lemon7 years ago
merseyless7 years ago
awesome gotta try this.