An Arduino-powered 4-axis Parallel-mechanism Robot Arm





Introduction: An Arduino-powered 4-axis Parallel-mechanism Robot Arm

uArm is a miniature 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot arm, modeled after the ABB PalletPack IRB460 industrial robot arm.

It is made up of laser cut acrylic or wood parts, powered by standard RC hobby servos, and controlled by an Arduino-compatible board.

The basic design is Arduino-controlled, using 4 servos, with 4 degrees of freedom. Three servos on the base control the main movement of the arm and the last servo on the top moves and rotates the object.

uArm can be controlled with keyboard or mouse easily.

Using mouse to control uArm to play Cup Stacking via serial.

Now we are on Kickstarter, you can see more details about this robot here.

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Base Assembly

Secure the two base plates via the corner holes, using four M4-10 rivets and four 32mm-M4 suction cups.

Step 3: Inner Turntable Assembly

Step 4: Outer Turntable Assembly

Step 5: Shoulder Plate Servo Assembly

Step 6: End Effector Assembly

Step 7: Fore Arm, Back Arm & Connecting Rod Assembly

Step 8: Install All the Parts Together to Make the Arm

1. Left Shoulder Plate to Base Assembly.
2. Back Arm to Left Shoulder Plate Assembly.
3. Servo Turntable to Right Shoulder Plate Assembly.
4. Right Shoulder Plate to Base Assembly.
5. Fore Arm to Back Arm & Connecting Rod to Left Shoulder Assembly.
6. Fore Arm Lever to Fore Arm Servo Lever Assembly.
7. End Effector to Fore Arm Assembly.
8. Electronic Module Holder to Shoulder Assembly.

The uArm robot arm is now completely assembled - Enjoy!

Step 9: Install the Electronic Modules on the Arm and Make It Move

Install the electronic modules on the arm and make it move.



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    What mobel of servo you use ? MG90s o bigger ? Is it digital or analog ?

    What pwm shield you use ?

    hello can you give me the dimension of robot arm !

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    Can you re-upload the link for the parts list and drawings? Thanks in advance!

    can i know item descriptions for the non-custom-made parts?

    can i know the dimentions of small ball bearig

    MF84ZZ LF840ZZ Shielded Flanged Model Ball Flange Bearing 4 x 8 x 3mm

    Does anyone know what the size the plastic spacers are and where I can buy them ?

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