These are the cupcakes I made with my son and my daughter-in-law for Cheyenne’s 15th birthday!  Daleks  are creatures from the BBC TV series ‘Doctor Who’.  They are evil and want to conquer the universe. 

The first question when doing a Dalek Cake is whether to make one huge cake or lots of smaller cakes.  (I guess some people would do lots of life size cakes. . . but those folks have their own TV shows on food network.)  We decided on cupcake sized daleks, so that we could have an army of them.

The second question when making a cake Dalek is, “Can we do this without fondant?”  I don’t mind using fondant for decorative details on a cake but I have a real distaste for covering an entire cake in it. 

So we go to google and look at all the Dalek pics and Dalek cake pics.  Did I mention Daleks are evil?  They have smooth metal sides, with rows of small hemispheres.  They are not truly round at the base.  Their arms consist of a plunger and a whisk, and their eye stalks look like a third arm.

My son pointed out that the first time Daleks appeared on the series back in the 60’s, their bases were round.  Win!  Also, if we could get a metallic sheen on them that would make up for the side not being exactly straight.  So we had our plan!

Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies:

Brownie pop molds for the heads
Regular cupcake pans
Jumbo cupcake pans
Brownie mixes
Cake mixes
Cupcake liners
Bakers joy
Heavy Cream and Semi-sweet chocolate chips for the ganache frosting
Small batch or can or leftover container of chocolate frosting.
Almond bark
Sixlets candy in gold (single colors of sixlets can be purchased at bulk candy stores or online)
Something metallic (notes at end)
Pocky sticks or pretzels for the arms
Hershey's Drops for the suction cups
<p>Can you try to add a Imperial or Renagade dalek to the batch,or at least the new dalek pedigram's Supreme...</p>
<p>Padigrams supreme:</p>
<p>A Imperial Dalek is this:</p>
<p>A renagade dalek is this:</p>
that's awesome! All that time and effort into something like this is definitely worth the smile on the recipient's face! <br>
That is one army I would love to meet up with :D
&quot;Extermi-cake!&quot; <br> <br>Thanks, great instructable. They look delicious.
Love it! :)
OMG those are so cute!
When they're all lit up they look fantastic! Love them. :D

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