An Egg: Over Cooked, Overdecorated, Over-electrified....A Key Fob !





Introduction: An Egg: Over Cooked, Overdecorated, Over-electrified....A Key Fob !

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I have done a bit of pyrography on my Birchwood egg, but some of what I put on the egg is not burnt in.

BTW: That second picture showing Robot, is actually a reflection in the square mirror of my T-shirt :-)

Step 1: Getting the Egg Prepped....

First we have to make sure there are no coatings or varnishes on the wood. This would make some very bad things happen when one tried to burn the pattern into the wood.
Next, the egg should have a very smooth surface. Sanding is normally needed since they come in a state that is a bit "rough" at best.

A medium grit sand paper for deep pits, and then finish with a fine grit.

Make sure you wear your goggles when sanding and burning, and make sure you are doing so in a well ventilated area. Basswood eggs are available, but Birchwood, which is a hardwood, is also available and a good choice.

Step 2: Burning in the Design....

You may want to trace in the designs you wish to burn using a number 2 or 3 pencil (medium or hard graphite) lightly if you haven't had much practice.

For a more detailed explanation on doing the actual burn, there is a moderately decent ible at this link location..

Take your time, as any "mistakes" are nearly permanent, depending on how deep the mistake got burnt in :-)

Step 3: As I Went, I Added Things....

a few mirrors, and some homemade jewelery were tacked on for gaudiness. :-)

Step 4: Then, Inspired by Kiteman, I Saw the Light....

And I added a bit of bright color to the egg: Some LED's and a few baubles to reflect the light as well as a skinny and a wide gold chain. Hot gluie was the "adhessive of the day" other then using Elmer's for a few things thtaa needed to befor on. :-)



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    No, it stinks. 'course it's cool! :)

    Well, the upper half maybe....I just couldn't get the chain to stay like I wanted it too...

    Maybe tiny brass staples? I've seen them at craft stores, I think they are for making painting canvases, but don't quote me.

    This was four years ago....I don't even know if I still have that monstrosity anymore LOL

    Thoust haveth both mine vote and rating.

    Thanks. Maybe we can put it in a time capsule and really freak out those 50 years or more in the future LOL Hmmm, I wonder what ancient ritual THIS was used for......LOL

    Heehee... I'd almost travel to the future just to find that out...

    You need to go back to your time. aka 2015

    That's not my original time, I was born somewhere 'round 3052AD

    :-) The project started out well, but it got a little messy as I went along *sigh*

    you actually started with a real egg?

    Oh no, I meant when I started burning the designs into the Birchwood egg, it started out nicely enough, but then the added Bling, made it look *yuck* at least it does to me

    oh yes, I see. i also think the bling looks a little weird

    I say it is not bad!

    Other than you got too many projects in the back ground... :-)

    3 replies

    Well, I did think that the reflection of Robot on my shirt, off the square mirror was a rather nice touch LOL

    yeah, I like that!

    And, if you notice, I used the LED to show it had to be a reflection and not a picture on the egg, since the LED and it's reflection are between the egg and the Robot ;-) If only I was half as clever as I appear at times LOL