Step 12: Add Footpegs

Picture of Add Footpegs
Figure out a comfortable position for footpegs. Use 2"x2"s or unused parts of the donor wheelchair. Footpeg position should allow both leaning of the front frame and turning of the front wheel.
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I like your idea, but regular trikes are excruciatingly dangerous. If you reverse it and put the two wheels in front, it becomes exponentially more stable.
i just wanted to ask if it has a differential , if yes what type , if no then how does it turn
Garreth (author)  sushrutpatgaonkar5 years ago
It has no mechanical differential Sushrutpatgaonkar. It turns as there are two motors - one on each driving wheel. So the differential is actually an electrical control which allows you to give more power to one motor than the other while cornering!